Our Moxie Fiber Story

Moxie Fiber LLC is the culmination of three generations of fiber love and the channel through which I elevate natural fibers with a touch of moxie to create products for like-minded enthusiasts around the world.

Why “Moxie?” To do something “with moxie” means to do it with a courageous spirit and determination—to do it with vigor and know-how.

This was my parents in a nutshell. In the 1950s, my father immigrated to the United States from Fez, Morocco to share his passion in hairstyling and germinate what has become a multi-generational network of upscale hair salons in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, my father passed while I and my three siblings were very young, leaving my mother to care for her four children alone.

Not one to linger in pain, and longing for a change of scenery and new hope for her brood, my mother packed her bags and relocated our household to Israel. So both my dad and my mom had moxie—it’s in my genes!

So what about “Fiber?” Inspired by my mother and grandmother in the late 1970s, I learned basic knitting techniques when I was 15 years old, and I have been refining my art and developing my passion ever since.

In the early 90s while living in Maryland, I focused on my career and began a business as an “Hair Up-do Specialist” in the wedding industry. Not unlike fiber art, designing hairstyles for brides and their bridal parties sharpened my focus on beautiful creations and honed my entrepreneurial spirit. Through the years, my fiber interests expanded from knitting to crocheting, spinning, and weaving.

In 2020, I visited a local Alpaca ranch outside of Denver, Colorado to get up close and personal with the beautiful creatures responsible for a growing portion of my raw materials. As fate (or Providence!) would have it, the wedding industry (and my hair business) suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed me to focus almost exclusively on my fondness for fiber and the refinement of my artistic skills.

During this time, I added a blending board, drum carder, and floor loom to my growing fiber toolkit. On this smorgasbord of fiber processing wizardry, I blend not only wool fibers, but also raw Alpaca, Sari and Tussah silk, Rayon noils, and even scrap yarn for that added texture!